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Ideally situated a short walk from London Bridge, the Alaska Building was originally an industrial factory, built in 1869. A soaring white Art Deco tower replaced the old factory during the 1930s, and is now a set of elegant apartments.

Oxan was commissioned by a private client to fit a stylish new apartment with entirely bespoke fitted furnishings, including cupboards, wardrobes, vanity units and a kitchen, with the aim of blending stylish aesthetics with durable premium architectural materials.

The outward appearance of the building sits in harmony with the cool, calm interior of the apartment. Whilst the original brickwork is exposed, the red bricks are coated in a soft white emulsion, blending with the furniture and the exterior of the building. The apartment is naturally light and airy, with floor to ceiling industrial windows. The natural light is enhanced by the finishes in white, with accents of other quality materials, such as walnut and Neolith.



Oxan enjoy working with a wide variety of buildings, developments and clients; this project encouraged our company to work within not just a challenging space, but with difficult materials and on a tight schedule.


All furniture that Oxan fitted was very modern, very light; breathing new life into the old building. All the furniture also fitted in with the lofty height of the building’s industrial ceilings – we used the height to our advantage to enhance the space, working around it, rather than attempting to mask the building’s natural character. Furniture was also designed to fit neatly into the curves and angles of the old building, so that all space is effectively used.

The hints of polished wood, and elements of steel and hard materials, give an impression of power and sobriety. Our storage solutions are pre-emptive and clever, with the ease needed for city living at the forefront.


Oxan have a reputation in working with challenging materials, and were chosen as specialists to deal with Neolith, which is used for the countertops and splashback. Neolith is made of natural materials, clays, feldspa, silica and mineral oxides. It is produced at very high temperatures and pressures, which make it highly scratch and impact-resistant.


The building is old, and of course not originally designed with private living spaces in mind; angles were not always straight and components such as brick were tricky to work around.

Oxan’s principle challenge was with the Neolith material. Neolith is a difficult material to work with and it is also heavy. To adhere to the flawless contours of the furniture and fittings, the Neolith needed to be jointed to within perfect proportions.

“It’s hard to say what we enjoyed most about this project, we absolutely loved working on it. It was great fun but also full of challenges.”
Louise Simmons

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