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Moments from Canary Wharf’s global business hub, East 16 Pier is one of the biggest fresh development sites in the UK. Created to build a new community of families, it is regenerating the Royal Docks area. Gleaming towers and contemporary apartments inspired by the lines of the Georgian architecture of Belgravia and Fitzrovia will form the main hub, meaning that East 16 Pier will hold its own character, whilst conveying a sense of continuity and community with other great London districts.

The energy and pace of this area next to the Thames means that any company working on this project will need to keep up with a flurry of logistics and pacing. Oxan was commissioned by the developer because of its reputation for hyper-organisation, and expert attention to specialist materials and details.



Royal Docks, Newham, London


As with any Oxan project, our specialism is the delivery of a premium product. The challenge is to make sure that this high quality is consistent across every single one of the thousands of kitchens made by the team for the East 16 Pier development. To ensure this, Oxan site surveys every apartment, before entering the design phase.


East 16 Pier is one of the key developments within the City and the UK itself, and is also part of the Mayor of London’s new initiative for London Living Rent and Enterprise Zone schemes. Oxan are proud to be a part of this.


Throughout the project, Oxan has pulled resources from global specialist companies in order to maintain the best aesthetic and quality possible, consistent with the design lexicon used for the rest of the East 16 Pier site.

  • Worktops are Silestone, a globally successful producer of worktops worldwide. Silestone as a material is a compound made up of 90% natural quartz, which makes it highly resilient and stain repellent. It has a clean, unbroken finish using a minimum number of joints.
  • Appliances are all by Siemens.
  • The sinks are made by Blanco, a company based in Germany who are known equally for their elegant aesthetics and attention to functionality.
  • The kitchens we have provided have 88% high gloss, giving a mirrored effect.
“I am honoured that we have been part of this project for so long. The workmanship is balanced against the logistics of 150 different contractual firms (up to 2,000 workers), and the constant, rapid flow of traffic all on site at once is really something to be proud of. There aren’t many sites like this; even the Olympic development for the 2012 Games did not have this many workers – that gives you an idea of the scale of this project!”
Cheryl Longfield

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