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Oxan was chosen to provide a stylish collection of kitchens for a new housing development in Bishops Gate. The 12-month project began in 2016.



Oxan’s role was initially to provide drawings for each kitchen based on the design brief. During the course of the project, Oxan also undertook a couple of bespoke kitchens at clients’ requests. Oxan spent time talking through proposed designs in detail, providing individual samples in different materials and finishes so that the
clients could give their full input.

Oxan created all kitchen designs to fit the individual floor plans of each room: each installment designed to best fit each room’s size and shape requirements.


Initial design suggestions did not work with the finished layouts and floor plans, so Oxan redesigned each kitchen and categorised them into kitchen ‘types’, meaning that each room was designed to its particular requirements.


The beautiful finishes and materials, which worked seamlessly to give the Bishops Gate development a synergy throughout. Examples of the attention to detail Oxan applied to this project include bespoke gola handles to provide clean cabinet fronts while retaining the standard function of furniture drawers and doors.


The furniture designed by Oxan was finished in low-key colours with a mixture of light greys and whites to complement the shades of wood also used. The result was a design which reflects the high-end, contemporary style of the surrounding area of Bishops Gate.

“These kitchens have a sleek, handle-less design, which is both modern and functional. Each room has been thought-out to provide maximum use of space and Oxan has provided kitchens with a variety of price ranges in mind. All appliances were fully integrated into the design, and joinery was specifically designed to be long-lasting and easy-cleaning.”
Louise Simmons

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